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Habit is the intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire (want to do).”
Stephen R. Covey

About us


Carolyn Guthrie, Anne Evans, 

and  Karla Casteen

We are retired educators with classroom and administrative leadership roles on the school, district and state levels. As Reading Specialists, we understand the habits needed to grow in literacy! Additionally, we have extensive backgrounds in differentiating literacy instruction in grades K-5, Hearing Impaired, and English Learners.


Professional Development


During our sessions, we will focus on listening, speaking, reading, writing, and higher order thinking skills- a more balanced approach to literacy as opposed to just focusing solely on the reading process.

Let us know your literacy needs in grades K-5. We will customize professional development based on your needs.

Our Mission


Our mission is to assist teachers, administrators and parents develop literacy habits that will help students become confident, competent readers able to comprehend text and use higher order thinking processes. 

A Balanced Approach to Literacy



Habits of listening involve processing what is heard, retaining acquired language in memory, increasing vocabulary, recognizing the patterns of speech, and constructing meaning which ultimately leads to understanding.



Habits of speaking encompass practice in the use of oral communication to effectively convey clear and understandable ideas and mastering the use of language through recalling words, using the correct pronunciation and appropriately using vocabulary. 



Habits of reading will have the greatest impact on success in school. Habits of reading include integrating phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension skills to retrieve meaning from written texts. 



Habits of writing incorporate the use of written symbols and conventions of language and the structure and order of words to develop and express thought and purpose. 



Travis A. Steagall, Ed.D., Principal, Peachland-Polkton Elementary, Peachland, N.C.

"At Peachland-Polkton Elementary, we were looking for solid professional development to take our literacy instruction to the next level.  We chose the Habits of Literacy team because of their favorable reputations and vast experience in educational  policy and instruction in North Carolina.   The level of preparation and customization, based on our needs, is unmatched in traditional educational professional development.  The team kept our staff engaged with tailored content and effective strategies that  could be used immediately in our classrooms. The decision has paid dividends in a short amount of time, and we will be using them again in the near future."

Donna Gephart, Director of K-12 English & Social Studies, Richmond County Schools, NC

"When I think of the two people who are masters in literacy, the names Carolyn Guthrie and Anne Evans come to mind. They are pioneers at developing literacy practices and increasing student achievement. They have supported my school district by providing quality professional development, modeling lessons, meeting with principals and any other activities to ensure that all stakeholders are developing in literacy skills."

Patsy Pierce, Ph.D. Child Development Program, Meredith College

"Thank you so much for coming and talking with my Emergent Literacy class. 

Your knowledge about teaching children how to learn about, and love, literacy is amazing."

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Teachers and Students

Habits of Literacy can help in moving your students beyond unnaturally implementing strategies, to habits of engagement in text for the love of learning!


Learn how to support teachers through data analysis to guiding purposeful, explicit lessons in a balanced literacy format.


Explore ideas and resources for building  literacy environments in which your children can thrive.

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